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10 Best of Brazil Natural Handmade Soap Coffee -Copaiba -Almond-Citrus- Brazilian Oils

Brazilian Coffee Scrub

Scrub coffee clean acne and rid cellulite

Brazilian Coffee is best known to treat acne as it deep exfoliates the skin. It also helps to stimulate the circulation of blood and it is also one of the best home remedy to get rid of cellulite. NATURAL HANDCRAFTED SOAP BRAZILIAN COFFEE SOAP
Coffee soap— quickly and efficiently removes heavy metal dusts, lead and contaminants from the skin and hands after a day of hunting or in a Shooting range . 
Copaiba Coconut Milk- Brazilian Copaiba Soap with Acai Berry Butter and Coconut Milk Soap– – Rain Forest Copaiba is known among indigenous tribes for its soothing and calming properties on the skin and against all kind of skin- disorders. CopaĆ­ba oil is an oily resin that is extracted from the Amazonian tree. Copaiba is the secret of Brazilians for beautiful young and healthy skin. Copaiba is an all-natural, gentle ingredient, it should be suitable for all skin types.
Luxury Brazilian Coffee -Handmade Coffee Luxury Soap Bar -Artisan Brazilian Pure Coffee Luxury Scrub Soap
Brazil Rainforest Copaiba- Rain Forest Copaiba MILLED SOAP With Tree Leaves Soap Bar –

Copaiba Soap 2018 face soap acne
Brazilian Copaiba Soap  face soap acne

Brazilian Espresso Coffee Soap– Brazilian Coffee Soap Espresso Scrub Bar – Natural Artisan Handmade –
Grapefruit Brazilian Clay
Aged South Africa Grapefruit Artisan Soap with Moroccan and Brazilian Red Clay

Brazilian Oils Soap-Brazilian Oil Bar Soap with Acai , Almond Butter, Macadamia Oil and Brazilian Clay – Handmade
Organic Oatmeal Soap with Brazilian Mango Butter
All Natural Soaps Gift Basket Five Piece Soap Set 100% All Natural – Natural Handmade Almond Citrus  coffee A gift Basket !

Making a lasting impression at the next special occasion with this soaps

Monday, October 1, 2018

Google October Natural Handmade Soap !

Handmade soaps. Made with organic ingredients, and lots of love! ❤️

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Great for all skin types, almond oil is created by the pressing of almond nuts. This oil is used to help relieve dry, itchy skin.
Brazilian Almond, in the form of topical solutions, is an excellent treatment for dry, flaky skin. Well-moisturized skin prevents premature aging. Great for all skin types, almond oil is created by the pressing of almond nuts.

Google October Handmade Soap Almond Hazelnut 


October –Best Selling Handmade Soap

With so many choices, how do you decide which soaps to try first? Perhaps this will help. We  created this   PAGE that shows our  best selling soap — week based on an analysis of sales . This is from first week of October  .  These are the soaps  that consistently outsell   through our website  and amazon..When you select these natural soap varieties, you can be confident that they have been enjoyed by hundreds of other people …
Coffee Soaps - Months of October Handmade Soap -Coffee is what all the buzz is about! Caffeinated soap is a great way to get a boost in the morning when 
there is no time for morning coffee. Coffee Soap contains powerful anti-oxidant agents, protecting the skin against harmful bacteria. Coffee tightens pores and removes dead skin cells, making the skin looking younger. It also anti-wrinkle. Brazilian coffee grinds absorb garlic and onion and fish smell off your fingers, we recommended this soap as a hand and body soap. In other words, coffee isn’t just for drinking anymore. 
October Soaps -Coffee Soap -Kona Coffee and Brazilian Espresso

October soap. In Spirit of Nature lists the most precious ingredients of a precious herb garden, natural radiance by a healthy skin.

Aged Artisan Soap with Rose Clay and Dead Sea Mud from Israel - Shea Butter and Lavender Butter 7+ oz 

Google 21 Handmade Soaps Birthday Gifts.

Handmade Soap for the Best Birthday Gift 12  Handmade Natural Soaps   for each months of the year! Men’s Body and Face 12 Gift Soap | 7 o...