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Rejuvenate with a Coffee Soap –Brazilian -France-Hawaii

I love coffee soap , I find it extremely refreshing and rejuvenating especially when I just wake up and start the day.
It’s  nothing  like a shower in the morning with coffee soap  to wake you up!, Find more +Here COFFEE SOAPCoffee-soap).Brazilian
What are the benefits of coffee soap ?
Reduce under-eye puffiness and dark circles under your eyes ,the anti-inflammatory properties of caffeine in coffee help minimize under-eye redness and inflammation.
Coffee gets rid of free radicals in the skin  which reduces the onset of skin-related problems such as acne and eczema.
Coffee gets rid of free radicals in the skin which reduces the onset of skin-related problems such as acne and eczema.
Get rid of cellulite? Recent studies show that coffee/caffeine applied to the skin may tighten and firm skin, reducing cellulite! Researchers in Brazil at Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo found that the application of skin cream and solutions containing caffeine significantly reduced the size of cellulite cells by 17%. Caffeine apparently dehydrates fat cells by energizing them which causes the elimination of water and the sodium/potassium component of the cells. By massaging and rubbing the areas with natural soap containing coffee, the fat cells break up and the lumps and bumps of cellulite decrease. The end result is smoother skin.
French coffee
French coffee
Coffee Luxury Scrub Soap Fight acne, eczema and psoriasis The natural oil in coffee contains enzymes that detoxify, cleanse and help unclog pores, making it ideal for treating acne, eczema and other skin problems. Coffee oil is very similar to our natural body oils and has the same PH level as human skin. Your skin will absorb the oils in this natural soap, giving it a soft and silky feel.
Coffees as we know them
Espresso: extremely strong and rather bitter Italian coffee resulting from brewing finely ground, dark roasted coffee with steam.
Cappuccino: espresso topped with steamed milk foam, sometimes garnished with a dusting of sweetened cocoa powder or cinnamon.
Café au lait: coffee with an equal amount of scalded milk.
Cold coffee: chilled milk highly flavored with coffee and sugar. It is often served with a dollop of either coffee flavored or chocolate flavored ice cream.
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