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Discover a daily selection of the best Natural Soaps for men

After testing all types of  ours handmade soaps, we chose the best for exfoliating, moisturizing, soothing for men .
Best Bar Soaps for Men -The coffee soap scrub bar makes for a morning scrub dirty and wake you up for the day.

Castile soaps are made with simple ingredients  coconut, palm, olive from Spain.

Beer Soap -Large Limited Edition  Aged Bar  men  that spent too many Saturdays on showers or bath , so we made a soap for “real men“.
Beer soap for grubby men
Peppermint Natural Soap : peppermint soap for a clean, tingling sensation, along with sea sea clay .
Peppermint Soap Unscented Greek Olive Oil Bar Artisan Body and Face Soap for Everyday Use

Natural Artisan Handmade Facial Soap
Made without the artificial and synthetic ingredients found in many conventional brands. Unscented Soaps from natural handcrafted soap is gentle and leaves the skin feeling clean and fresh. Care for your sensitive skin – without the artificial or synthetic ingredients that you don’t want on yo…