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2018 love handmade homemade handcrafted soap.

2018  Health  and Happiness “handmade soap”  “homemade soap”, handcrafted soap .
Treat yourself  and your family this 2018  to the Purest Natural handmade products  & Enjoy the Year! Find all here NATURAL HANDCRAFTED SOAP 
Olive oil Soap
Geranium and Dead Sea Mud
Handmade soap Geranium soap Dead Sea Mud Israel handmade soap
Handmade soap Geranium soap Dead Sea Mud Israel handmade soap
Beer Soap  and Coffee Soap
Beer Soap Coffee Soap Natural Handcrafted Soaps
Beer Soap Coffee Soap Natural Handcrafted Soaps
Lavender Soap
Lavender and lilac jasmine
Lavender and lilac jasmine
Jasmine Soap
Jasmine Lilac Handmade Soap
Jasmine Lilac Handmade Soap
Goat’s Milk Soap
Goat's Milk Soap Farm Fresh Holidays Gift Goat's Milk Soap
Goat’s Milk Soap Farm Fresh Holidays Gift Goat’s Milk Soap
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Natural Handcrafted Soap Company

Natural Soap Artisan Handmade Handcrafted – Natural Handmade Soap Bars.

All Natural Dead Sea Mud Soap Bar Handcrafted Handmade Black …

 Rating: 5 – ‎38 reviews – ‎$13.50 – ‎In stock
Natural Handmade Artisan Dead Sea Mud Soap Skin Care Soap Made with Mud from … Dead Sea Mud Soap With Anise and Bay Laurel Soap – Black Natural …

Artisan Oatmeal and Hazelnut Skin Care Soap

 Rating: 4.5 – ‎21 reviews
Home > OATMEAL SOAP > Oatmeal Soap with Shea Butter and Hazelnut Handmade …

Handcrafted Fresh All Natural Artisan Peppermint Soap With Sea Clay …

 Rating: 5 – ‎23 reviews
Healthy Skin Care Product Handcrafted Fresh All Natural Artisan Peppermint Soap With Sea Clay.

Simply look for the logo to enjoy free shipping on selected items throughout the store. If the items in your order which qualify for ‘Free Shipping’ total $45.00 or …

Handcrafted Natural Handmade Greek Olive Oil Unscented Soap …

 Rating: 5 – ‎59 reviews – ‎$13.50 – ‎In stock
Handmade all natural Artisan – Greek Olive oil soap is an ancient beauty secret, discovered thousands of years ago. Once called “liquid gold” olive oil was a …

Rose Clay – Natural Handcrafted Soap Company

Rose clay is tinted with iron oxides and gives a beautiful pink color to soaps and powders. It is cleansing and exfoliating as well as stimulating to the circulation.

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Handmade Coffee Soap Reduces eye puffiness Coffee soap Helps to improve blood circulation Coffee Espresso Soap Recommended for all skin types oily , normal , combination , dry Coffee Lover Buy 

Monday, October 23, 2017

Dove Is Under Fire For Race War- Go For The Real Handmade Natural Soap !

Worldwide Spotlight wrote:
Black Celebrity Gossip – Ghetto Visual Productions just broke the hectic news, the company that makes your favourite soap bar, Dove, is under some hectic fire right now for an advertisement they put on Facebook that seemed a little racist. In the ad, there is a black girl, taking off a dirty shirt, indicating that she is dirty, and was about to jump in the shower.
Social media went absolutely crazy, saying that the Dove company is insinuating the black girl at the top of the ad is dirty, and the white girl at the bottom of the ad is clean. What do you think, is this a racist advertisement?
Is @Dove soap’s marketing strategy
Before – black & dirty
After – Caucasian & clean
Also *who* is approving these ads?
Do you know the difference between Natural and Commercial Soap?
 Well I think It speaks for it’s self. There are other differences such as one is mass produced and one is hand/home made. I hope you enjoyed this quick little article about the differences in soaps. If you want to get your hands on natural soap 

1. A facial Greek Olive oil soap 

Handmade Soap Artisan soap Natural Soap
Handmade Soap Artisan soap Natural Soap AMAZON.COM EXTRA LARGE OLIVE OIL SOAP

2. A clean daily the natural way with citrus handmade soap

This is Citrus Tangerine Orange from Florida  BUY HERE  FROM AMAZON HANDMADE

3. A facial and body soap to gently wash your skin, leaving it looking refreshed and lovely.

Brazilian Oil Soap \ Love this bar  BUY HERE

4. An Beer Lover –

You know, the way a beer should be!

More people from Long Beach , California -Love this  Beer soap -Stout is a great gift for for anyone that has ever enjoyed a beer. GET THIS SOAP HERE

5. A Coffee is what all the buzz is about! Caffeinated soap

3 coffee Brazilian and Hawaii blends Yeahhh Coffee anyone like  –

6. beautifying, and purifying the human body.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

7 Natural Soap That – Your Skin Will Notice the Difference this Week

 Why natural handcrafted soap is better for the skin? Today soaps on the market are most body cleansers, both liquid and solid, are actually synthetic detergent products.’
How is Natural Handmade Soap Made?
The chemical reaction between oil/fat and alkali that creates soap is called “saponification”.  This is the soap making method that has been used since ancient times.  The word saponification is derived from the Latin word, “sapo” and means “to make soap”. We use this method to make our soaps – Read moreHERE 

1. Goat Milk Soap Exactly What You Do Need, Naturally

Goat’s milk soap  made in small batches use 100% goat’s milk not powder milk .
Natural Handmade Soap – Goat’s Milk 

2. Check out this Artisan Soaps

If you’re looking to try out a natural soap contains all natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals
Olive Oil Soap and Castile Soap 
3. Get to know More about Handcrafted Soap

4. Use Coffee Soap for  Keeping your hands clean — will help prevent illness and odors and keep you healthy .

Google about Coffee Soap Brazilian coffee grinds absorb garlic and onion and fish smell off your fingers, we recommended this soap as a hand and body soap. In other words, coffee isn’t just for drinking anymore.
5 . “Proper hand-washing with natural soap and water is probably the best thing you can do, but most people don’t wash their hands properly,” So here’s how to do it the right way:
Germ Smart – Wash Your Hands!

6. I am a bar soap person, descended from a long line of artisans handcrafted old style of bar soap. Grandma’s Natural Soap.


7. But I’m glad to share — the perfect bar of soap that I use for body exfoliate, too. I share my favorite  Natural Handcrafted Bar of  Greek Olive  Oil with Mediterranean Sea Salt Soap .

Artisan Greek Olive Oil Soap with Mediterranean Sea Salt GET THIS BAR HERE 

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Happy first day of Autumn with Natural Autumn Soaps!

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” – — Happy first day of Autumn!
Farm FRESH Goats Milk Soap All Natural .We get our organic goat’s milk from Fresh & Local Farms. These Farms are working family farms, much like it was 100 years ago. This has always been a “family farm” – which means that, in today’s agricultural market, it is too small to be profitable in the usual agri-business model. Our strategy has been to develop niche markets:

Handmade soap with goat milk and organic base oils.
Handmade soap with goat milk and organic base oils.
 Autumn natural ingredients : Hazelnut Oil, Sesame Seed Oil , Avocado Oil , Macadamia Nut , Shea Butter ,Ground Hawaiian Organic Coffee ,Kukui Nut Oil – 
kona soap
Kona Coffee Soap Hawaii
We don’t need summer when we have fall. This is the perfect Almond Hazelnut bar for the Autumn just like a crisp fall day.
One of the common skin problems–that leads to other problems–is dry skin. This handmade soap is made with lots of great oils, plus cocoa butter , almond , hazelnut and acai berry butter which makes this soap a real treat.


South African grapefruits are in season from May to October and provide a range of health benefits including being an excellent source of vitamin C and rich in antioxidants that benefit the skin .
South Africa Grapefruit Artisan Soap with Moroccan and Brazilian Red Clay
South Africa Grapefruit Artisan Soap with Moroccan and Brazilian Red Clay
 Autumn –Fall’s the coziest time of year, basically made for staying In the shower or bath for longer .  Can’t you almost smell the falling leaves mixed with dirt and rain from the outside ?
More of  Autumn with Natural Autumn Soaps HERE!