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Goat’s Milk Soap Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Mother’s Day is coming right up (Sunday, May 11th). 
Today  Drudge Report has linked Article about goat’s milk , A 116-year-old Peruvian living become the oldest person in the world.

(Diet based on goat meat, sheep milk, goat cheese ).
Instead of getting flowers and a hug for your mom this Mother’s Day, Natural Handcrafted Soap Company  thought we could all get a bit more creative this year.
Goat’s milk soaps from Natural Handcrafted Soap Company
Nothing but the oils blended with farm fresh goat’s milk, making it even more gentle and mild Our handmade/ handcrafted soaps are formulated to deliver the very best in skin care while using only safe, truly natural ingredients.
We never use harmful synthetic chemicals, preservatives, artificial dyes, or synthetic fragrance oils.
Our goat milk soaps are famous for their high-quality natural ingredients and its 100% fresh goat’s milk , not dried powder milk. Natural handcrafted soap uses the highest percentage of pure goat milk poss…

Beautiful Artisan Homemade Coffee Soap Bar .

Do you Love coffee ? Cup of Brazilian Coffee Artisan Designer ! French coffee I just got home from a  friend’s house
My friend  made ​​coffee mixed vanilla ice cream for us to taste.               And that is the reason I could not sleep now,
because I’m the kind of person who drink coffee will makes me hard to sleep. I think most people love coffee,
some people must drink at least one cup of coffee a day to go to work. I particular start my morning shower day with a ” Coffee Soap ” for me coffee  is a wake up call . Do you want a Morning  Wake up  call  ? Why Not Try a Coffee  bar of Artisan Soap  Natural and Organic Made with Brazilian Espresso , French Coffee and Hawaiian Coffee .
Large Bar Of Coffee Luxury – Old fashioned Limited Edition ! According to the New York City Economic Development Corporation, the city had 1,830 coffee shops as of March, adding 130 shops in the previous 12 months; the majority were single locations or part of a smaller chain. On average, one coffee sh…