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Natural Handcrafted Soap Company use natural ingredients instead of plastic microbeads in their products .

People didn’t even know what microbeads were , its is a tiny rounds of plastic, which are 5 millimeters or smaller in diameter, are put into mass-market skincare products to exfoliate skin.The recent discovery that microbeads (those tiny plastic beads found in many face and body scrubs) are polluting the Great Lakes has caused us to seriously rethink the gentle exfoliant.
They absorb toxins in the water, posing a threat to the fish that swallow them and, in turn, the entire fish-eating population. SO…Why Use Microbeads When The Alternatives Are Better? We use natural  coffee  , grains , flowers , seeds and leaves on our natural soaps as a exfoliate  ..”I think everybody loves a little bit of scrub  to their facial cleansers , but many of us who exfoliate regularly have no idea that microbeads are in our products.Well, that is why should you have to read the label other than the fact that you are . The label is designed to give you all the information you need to properly and saf…