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Brazilian Beauty

Brazilian beauty  supermodel icons like Adriana Lima , Alessandra Ambrosio and Gisele  use simple ingredients for their  beauty. Part of then containing not one, but the native Brazilian ingredients. Natural Handcrafted Soap has also created a
Brazilian women Victoria’s Secret Angels Adriana Lima – Alessandra Ambrosio Emanuela -Gisele complementary line of products from the Rain Forest , because of my heritage . I’m Brazilian and Love to work with All Natural Products from The Brazilian Rain Forest .
We use from coffee to coconut  and vegetable oils sourced from the South American Amazon. With a range of skincare benefits for a  deep moisturisation of dry skin, as well as preserving elasticity, helping to keep stretch marks at bay and soothing eczema and psoriasis…
Other interesting ingredient is the Brazilian oil Nut a skin nourishing , More suitable for very dry skin, the Brazil nut is famous for its hydration qualities, as well as its ability to treat acne, due to the go…