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Dead Sea Mud from Israel

The Dead Sea is one of those incredibly unique natural
wonders that seem to wind up on every world traveler’s  list.
Black mineral mud found in the Dead Sea region rich in magnesium,
calcium, potassium, and iron is essential to maintaining healthy, supple skin.
The natural properties of mud have been scientifically proven to restore suppleness and
moisture levels in overly dry skin while relieving and soothing symptoms such as soreness,
roughness, redness and cracking. Dead Sea minerals harvested from the healing Dead Sea salt
t waters that optimized cell metabolism, helps protect from UV damage and significantly increases the moisture
content of your skin.
All of which combine to keep your complexion looking young and supple. This soap like a Floating in the Israel Dead Sea with Natural Handcrafted Soap -Dead Sea Mud Dead Sea Mud Soap – Israel  Warning! There are a few guidelines you MUST follow when visiting the Dead Sea:
Do NOT shave for a few days before your swim. I waited almos…