Friday, September 11, 2015

Have a Great Weekend with Hawaii Kona Coffee Soap and Soap on a Rope!

What are your plans for the weekend? Can you believe it’s end of the summer ? This summer is flying by.
And I had been in Hawaii for 4 days my favorite island , also had bring with me some of my favorite handcrafted soaps ,
I travel with samples bar from my collection , make much easier , because  my soaps are so BIG and hard to carriage around
You can find also on my website those samples soap on a rope or a small bar .. flowers etc ..
Soap on a rope
Soap on a rope
Hawaii Island
‘s Royal Footsteps in Kona is home to 1 of 3 palaces in the U.S.:
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If you Like Hawaii Coffee Scent Try this too…
Kona Coffee Soap Hawaii
Kona Coffee Soap Hawaii

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