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Chocolate.. Lilacs ..Goat's Milk and Coffee

Cool, right? Everyone has their own sources of inspiration ,one of  my is chocolate ,lilac  , coffee and  goat's milk .
 The inspiration for today’s post is coming from my Chocolate , lilac , coffee and goat's milk soaps .
 We are going to start at the  coffee soap  with a hint of chocolate ...

Hawaiian Kona Coffee
Coffee Luxury Scrub Soap
 Brazilian Pure Coffee Luxury Scrub Soap Bar with Organic Coffee Butter and Essential Oils

An invigorating blend of ground *Brazilian *espresso beans creates the ultimate exfoliating experience. We combine the coffee espresso beans with cocoa butter and our recipe of (palm), coconut, olive and (castor oils)along with orange essential oils and hazelnut makes a rich blend of coffee scents-- a deep, rich chocolate coupled with dark roasted (Coffee ) essence and a hint of citrus and nuts
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