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Dove Is Under Fire For Race War- Go For The Real Handmade Natural Soap !

Worldwide Spotlight wrote: Black Celebrity Gossip – Ghetto Visual Productions just broke the hectic news, the company that makes your favourite soap bar, Dove, is under some hectic fire right now for an advertisement they put on Facebook that seemed a little racist. In the ad, there is a black girl, taking off a dirty shirt, indicating that she is dirty, and was about to jump in the shower. Social media went absolutely crazy, saying that the Dove company is insinuating the black girl at the top of the ad is dirty, and the white girl at the bottom of the ad is clean. What do you think, is this a racist advertisement? Megha Mohan @meghamohan Is @Dove soap’s marketing strategy
Before – black & dirty
After – Caucasian & clean
Also *who* is approving these ads? Do you know the difference between Naturaland Commercial Soap?  Well I think It speaks for it’s self. There are other differences such as one is mass produced and one is hand/home made. I hope you enjoyed this quick little artic…