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Body Odor-An Unpleasant Encounter Clean up with Cafe au Lait -coffee soap

Melissa Brown "What is that smell?" you ask.
"It is absolutely disgusting," you reply to yourself as you continue walking along. Then you realize that this smell just keeps on following you, from classroom to lunchroom to dorm room, even in the courtyard. Then it hits you that garbage has not been following you everywhere but you are the cause of that disgusting smell; you have body odor. What is this phenomenon of body odor? According to John Riddle, Body odor is the term used for any unpleasant smell associated with the body.
Natural Handcrafted Soap help you to get ride off those body odor in a natural way
French Cafe au Lait Soap with Cocoa Butter

Cafe au lait (French for "coffee with milk") is prepared with strong, hot coffee and scalded milk. It is the national breakfast drink of France, where it's served steaming hot. This recipe is easy enough to incorporate into your morning routine. UMM , Our soap is made almost the same way,,,,,,,, we use Fren…